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  广州日报全媒体记者 周婉琪

  广州日报全媒体记者 周婉琪

   Yesterday, the relegation group of the second stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League ended the last battle of the first round. As a result, Guangzhou R&F and Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang each had a goalless draw. This was the first draw of the relegation group. After the game, R&F coach Van Bronckhorst said: "You can't win or lose in the first round; in the second round, you must break the dense defense. The only goal of the team is to score goals."

昨天,2020中国超级联赛第二阶段保级小组结束了第一轮的最后一战。结果,广州富力和青岛黄海青港各有一个无目标的吸引力。这是保级组的第一次抽签。比赛结束后,富力教练范·布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)说:“您在第一轮比赛中不能输赢;在第二轮比赛中,您必须打破密集的防守。球队的唯一目标就是进球。”

Yesterday, R&F formed a 532 formation. The goalkeeper is still Han Jiaqi, with Tang Miao, Yi Teng, Tosic, Chen Zhechao, and Zhang Gong in the backcourt. The two new aids start, Adrian midfield partners Dembele and Huang Zhengyu. Vkovkovic joined Ye Chugui on the front line.


   In the first half, the two sides did not have too many good offensive opportunities, and Adrian and Alexandrini also failed to seize the rare opportunity. In the second half, Gao Xiang missed the opportunity. In the 78th minute, a corner kick from R & F, Chen Zhizhao volley was saved by the opponent goalkeeper Liu Zhenli, and then Ye Chugui made a supplementary shot in the chaos, but the referee determined that the ball was offside due to Dembele after VAR decided The first was invalid, and eventually the two sides handed in a blank paper. In addition, R&F midfielder Dembele was named the best of the game, while Huang Zhengyu and Chen Zhechao retired from injury.

上欧宝app半年,双方没有太多的进攻机会,阿德里安和亚历山大也未能抓住难得的机会。下半年,高翔错过了机会。在第78分钟,富力踢出一个角球,对手门将刘振立扑出了陈志钊的凌空抽射,然后叶楚桂在混乱中补射,但裁判判定球后因登贝莱而越位。 VAR决定第一个无效,最终双方交出白纸。此外,富力中场Dembele被评为最佳比赛,而黄正宇和陈哲超则因伤退役。

After the game, R&F’s new aid Adrian said in an interview that he and the team had a good fit. “Everyone’s tacit understanding is okay. The game is a two-round system, so the team still has one game to play. Our goal is very good. To be clear is to win the game and complete the task of relegation."

比赛结束后,富力的新援阿德里安(Adrian)在接受采访时说,他和球队很合适。 “每个人的默契都可以。这场比赛是两回合制,所以球队还有一场比赛。我们的目标非常好。要明确就是赢得比赛并完成保级任务。”



At the press conference after the match, Fan Shuai said: “I think R&F is not in the best condition in this game. The passing rhythm of the first half is relatively slow. In the second half, we can see that the team wants to win the game in the final stage. The offensive investment is relatively large, but the defense is not done well. The opponent's counterattack points are exposed, which is more threatening. , We will go back to summarize this point. No matter what, the result of 0 to 0 kept both sides on the same starting line. I hope the team will go back to summarize and prepare for the second round of the game, and hope to have a better performance by then."

赛后的新闻发布会上,范帅说:“我认为富力在这场比赛中并不是处于最佳状态。上半场的传递节奏相对较慢。在下半年,我们可以看到团队希望在最后阶段赢得比赛。进攻性投资比较大,但是防守做得不好。暴露对手的反击点,这更具威胁性。 ,我们将回过头来总结这一点。无论如何,0到0的结果将双方保持在同一起跑线上。我希望团队能够重新总结并为比赛的第二轮做准备,并希望届时能有更好的表现。”

   Fan Shuai said that the result of the tie is acceptable. He said: "Each coach wants to lead the team to victory before the game, but the opponent has a tight defense and does not give us much room to attack. We only have two or three opportunities. I also told the players in time. You can’t lose. If you want to attack too much and miss the defense, it’s very dangerous.” It’s worth mentioning that in the first three games of the relegation group, the team with the best possession of the ball lost. R&F’s possession rate was the same yesterday. Dominated, but only got a draw. In this regard, Fan Shuai said that he was lucky because his opponent almost succeeded in the counterattack. What is satisfying is that R&F's performance is not enough to support the team to win, but it did not lose.




Fan Shuai further emphasized that under the special circumstances of this year, the unusual knockout system will increase the contingency of the game, and relatively less optimistic teams will have more motivation to win. Therefore, it is difficult to face every opponent. For this reason, R&F Fully mentally prepared; and after the first round, he believes that the players have accumulated a certain amount of experience and adapted to the atmosphere and the intense rhythm of the game. In the second round, they should be able to play more openly and go better. In control of the game, he still maintains a positive and optimistic attitude towards everyone and is very confident in the team.


In addition, Fan Shuai also commented on the performance of the two new players, "After all, this is their first official game after joining the team. It will definitely take time to get in touch. Although the opponent's defense is very tight, it limits our offensive space. But the ability of the new aid is still there. I believe that after going back to the summary and adjustment, the offensive end can create more space for foreign aid to create more threats." He said.


In the end, Fan Shuai said that he believes that Qingdao Huanghai will continue to fight back in the second round, and breaking the intensive defense has always been a world-class problem, but this is also the task and work of the team’s coaching staff. “We must continue to try hard to attack. To create more space and opportunities, the goal of the team (second round) is to win."

最后,范帅表示,他相信青岛黄海将在第二轮比赛中继续反击,打破高强度防守一直是世界一流的问题,但这也是球队教练组的任务和工作。 。 “我们必须继续努力进攻。为了创造更多的空间和机会,团队的目标(第二轮)是获胜。”

   Indeed, R&F really needs to improve. Qingdao Huanghai coach Wu Jingui also emphasized that under the utilitarian situation of football, the responsibility of every coach is to achieve good results. The strength of Qingdao team is not as good as R&F, so they can only choose tactics that suit their own situation and improve their offense while defending. Efficiency, now we must focus all our attention on the second round and strive to perform at the best level.


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