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Erdgau, who has gradually grown into a first-class midfielder in La Liga, is regarded by many in the industry as the next Van Dyke's Age. Hou Yongyong, who has attracted public attention due to the national football's naturalization policy, chose to start the road from Sheffield United. Sandel Borg, Haaland, who has set off a scoring frenzy in the Bundesliga and the Champions League...Although he has not achieved any substantive honors, these young talents have successfully ignited the Norwegian's passion for football. Over time, Norwegian football is thriving because of their appearance. The "Iceland fever" has gradually subsided, and Norway may become the new generation of Nordic football.

逐渐成为西甲一流中场球员的埃尔高(Erdgau)被业内许多人视为下一届范戴克时代。由于国家橄榄球的入籍政策而引起公众关注的侯永勇选择从谢菲尔德联队上路。 Haaland的Sandel Borg在德甲联赛和欧冠联赛中掀起了一场得分狂潮……尽管他并没有获得任何实质性的荣誉,但这些年轻的才华横溢地点燃了挪威人对足球的热情。随着时间的流逝,挪威足球因其外观而蓬勃发展。 “冰岛热”逐渐消退,挪威可能成为新一代的北欧足球。

On the map of international football, Norway is just a small and humble player. They are on the edge of Europe and their regional influence cannot be compared with Denmark and Sweden. Sweden in the "Glino" era won the World Cup runner-up. Denmark created a fairy tale of football in the 1992 European Cup. Norway's best result in the big game was only the top 16 in the World Cup. The 1990s was a prosperous period for Norwegian football. They entered the final week of the World Series three times. The victory over Brazil in the 98 World Cup was the best in team history. Solskjaer and Flo came out of the fjord. , Riise, Carew, Peterson and Hangeland have also become the influential figures in the five major leagues.

在国际欧宝app下载地址足球地图上,挪威只是一个小而谦虚的国家。它们处于欧洲边缘,其区域影响力无法与丹麦和瑞典相提并论。瑞典在“格利诺”时代获得了世界杯亚军。丹麦在1992年欧洲杯足球赛中创造了足球童话。挪威在大赛中的最好成绩仅是世界杯的前16名。 1990年代是挪威足球的繁荣时欧宝app下载地址期。他们三度进入了世界大赛的最后一周。在98届世界杯上击败巴西的胜利是队史上最好的。 Solskjaer和Flo从峡湾出来。里瑟(Riise),卡鲁(Carew),彼得森(Peterson)和汉格兰德(Hangeland)也已成为五个主要联赛中的有影响力人物。

Restricted by a small country with few people and a more extreme climate environment, it is difficult for Norwegian sports to be comprehensive in the development process. The masses have the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to participate in football, but the development of professional players here is subject to many restrictions. After the boom at the turn of the century, Norwegian football fell into a trough. With the retirement of Carew and Riise, Norwegian football talents withered. Among the Mesozoic players, only Bournemouth forward Joshua King and Hoffenheim defender Nordvetter can still stand in the five major leagues, including Alisa. Mi, Stephen Johnson and El Yunussi can only pan for gold in the secondary league. In the qualifiers of the Norwegian competition several times, the same level of teams such as Switzerland and Iceland have emerged as emerging forces that can continuously participate in the World Series. This has made the Norwegian Football Association determined to revitalize the youth training, including Odegaard, Age and Hou Yongyong. The "98 Three Masters" turned out.

受一个人口稀少,气候环境更加极端的小国的限制,挪威体育很难在发展过程中全面发展。群众有参加足球的热情和热情,但是这里职业球员的发展受到很多限制。在世纪之交的繁荣之后,挪威足球陷入低谷。随着Carew和Riise的退休,挪威足球人才开始枯萎。在中生代球员中,只有伯恩茅斯前锋约书亚·金和霍芬海姆后卫诺德维特仍然可以站在包括阿里萨在内的五个主要联赛中。 Mi,Stephen Johnson和El Yunussi只能在二级联赛中争夺金牌。在挪威比赛的预选赛中,瑞士和冰岛等水平的队伍已经出现,可以不断参加世界大赛。这使挪威足协决心重振青年训练,包括奥德加德,阿杰和侯永勇。结果是“ 98三大师”。

In recent years, the Norwegian Football Association has gradually changed the past concept of "a purpose without a purpose" and used clearer and practical measures to develop professional football. These measures include increasing the proportion of football in the sports development sector and using cultural capital. Consolidate the mass base, strengthen the construction of infrastructure including indoor courts, attach importance to the training of grassroots coaches and the construction of club echelons, the Football Association invites former famous players to participate in the youth training construction, vigorously recruit immigrant players, establish a talent database and encourage young people to go abroad Playing football, paying attention to polishing the skills of young players and so on. Most of the older Norwegian stars have become famous in the British battlefield. The younger generation of Norwegian stars has more diverse technical styles. The skills of Erdgau and Harland are very different from their predecessors, and their choices when they stay abroad have also broken through the routine. .

近年来,挪威足球协会已逐渐改变了过去的“无目的无目的”的概念,并采用了更清晰,更实际的措施来发展职业足球。这些措施包括增加足球在体育发展部门中的比例以及使用文化资本。巩固群众基础,加强包括室内球场在内的基础设施建设,重视基层教练员培训和俱乐部梯队建设,足协邀请原著名球员参加青年训练建设,大力招募移民球员,建立一个人才库,鼓励年轻人出国踢足球,注意培养年轻球员的技能等。大部分较老的挪威明星已在英国战场上扬名。年轻一代的挪威明星拥有更多多样的技术风格。 Erdgau和Harland的技能与他们的前任有很大不同,他们在国外时的选择也打破了常规。 。

The Banba of the Norwegian League is Rosenborg, who once completed 13 consecutive championships at the turn of the century. Between 2011 and 2014, Rosenborg missed the league championship for four consecutive years. The one who broke the monopoly was Molde of Solskjaer. They relied on The technical flow style won the crown and won the support of countless neutral fans. Molde’s success has played a very good lead. Many small and medium-sized teams have begun to give more opportunities to technical players. Erdgau’s home team Stormgast is one of them.

挪威联赛的班巴人是罗森堡,他曾在世纪之交连续获得13个冠军。在2011年至2014年期间,罗森堡连续四年缺席联赛冠军。打破垄断的人是索尔斯克亚的莫尔德。他们依靠技术流程风格赢得了冠军,并赢得了无数中立球迷的支持。莫尔德的成功起到了很好的领导作用。许多中小型团队已开始为技术参与者提供更多机会。 Erdgau的主队Stormgast就是其中之一。

As the most famous of the "98 Three Masters", Erdgau boarded the Galaxy at the age of 17. "I have to adapt to all kinds of pressure since I was a child, because people have high expectations of me. If my condition is not good, then there will be discussions in Norway, and everyone is always paying attention to me. Everything is fast because Norway has already It’s been a long time since I’ve had a star. Everyone will exaggerate a lot of things, and public opinion will praise me too high.” While the Real Madrid echelon was honing his skills, Erdgau showed insights that were not commensurate with his age. Unfortunately, this A talented player failed to make his mark in Castile. The shy Norwegian teenager couldn't adapt to the hustle and bustle of the giants. His talent didn't come out until he was in the Eredivisie.

作为“ 98三位大师”中最著名的一位,埃尔德高(Erdgau)在17岁时登上了银河系。“我从小就必须适应各种压力,因为人们对我的期望很高。不好,然后在挪威会有讨论,每个人都一直在关注我,一切都很快,因为挪威已经有很长一段时间了,我已经拥有一颗星,每个人都会夸大很多事情,而且公众意见会称赞我太高。”皇家马德里队正在磨练自己的技能时,埃欧宝app德高(Erdgau)展示了与他的年龄不相称的见解,不幸的是,这位天才球员未能在卡斯蒂利亚(Castile)留下自己的印记。这位害羞的挪威少年无法适应他的忙碌和忙碌。直到他进入Eredivisie时,他的才华才得以展现。

After two loan trips, Erdgau is already a player who is physically and technically competent for high-level leagues. In the 28 La Liga games that have ended this season, Erdgau has recorded 7 goals and 8 assists and created 63 scoring opportunities. The talented teenager who was once depressed in Real Madrid has grown into the backbone of the Real Sociedad. Countless players with the nickname "XX Messi" can't escape the fate of driving high and driving low. Erdgau's ability to reload after a young setback proves his extraordinary. For a long time, Norwegian players have been known for their outstanding physical fitness, and spending time at their feet is not their specialty. The appearance of Erdgau has subverted people's inherent perception of Norwegian football. The tall central defender Age is also a player with a different style from his predecessors.

经过两次贷款旅行后,Erdgau已经是一名具备高水平联赛身体和技术能力的球员。在本赛季结束的28场西甲比赛中,埃德高记录了7个进球和8个助攻,并创造了63个得分机会。这位曾经在皇家马德里感到沮丧的才华横溢的少年已成长为皇家社会的骨干力量。昵称“ XX Messi”的无数玩家无法逃避高位驾驶和低位驾驶的命运。年轻的挫折后,Erdgau的重装能力证明了他的非凡。长期以来,挪威运动员一直以出色的身体素质而闻名,而花时间在脚上并不是他们的专长。埃德高(Erdgau)的出现颠覆了人们对挪威足球的内在感知。高大的中后卫阿格(Age)也是与前任风格不同的球员。

Age joined Lillestrom's youth academy at the age of 12. Four years later, he became the youngest captain in the history of the Norwegian League with Star. In the summer of 2016, the 18-year-old Are joined the Celtics of the Su Chao team. After moving to Kilmarnock for a year, Age returned to the Celtics and became the main force. In the past three seasons, the Celtics have experienced two coaches, Rogers and Neil Lennon, and their tactical style has undergone significant changes. Age has not been affected much. He represents the Celtics. With 128 appearances (118 starts), he is already the cornerstone of the team.

艾格(Age)12岁时就加入了利勒斯特罗姆(Lillestrom)的青年学院。四年后,他成为史达格(Star)挪威联赛历史上最年轻的队长。 2016年夏天,年仅18岁的阿雷加入苏超球队的凯尔特人队。在基尔马诺克(Kilmarnock)呆了一年后,阿吉(Age)返回凯尔特人队并成为主要力量。在过去的三个赛季中,凯尔特人队经历了两位教练罗杰斯和尼尔·列侬,他们的战术风格发生了重大变化。年龄没有受到太大影响。他代表凯尔特人队。他出场128次(起步118场),已经是球队的基石。

Age scored 8 goals in a single season while playing for Star, the shooting center once "converged" after joining the Celtics. With the continuous improvement of confidence, Age began to participate more in the offense. He contributed 4 goals and 1 assist in the season just ended, becoming an important offensive starting point for the team. His all-around performance earned him the reputation of "New Van Dyke". Age gradually realized his talent on the court, and rumors about his transfer also spread in the public. The Celtics have taken a lot of action for Age's contract extension, but they have been rejected by the Norwegian international. The invitations from Serie A and the Premier League have obviously moved the potential central defender.


Just as Erdegao and Age were seeking rapid development, Hou Yongyong, who was as famous as them, had already moved into the downward range. At the age of 14, he was awarded the "Genius Youth Award" by the Norwegian Football Association. At the age of 16, he became the youngest league player in the team's history and became the youngest league player in the history of the team at the age of 16. The transcripts handed over during his apprenticeship are not inferior to Erdgau. Regrettably, Hou Yongyong's career was interrupted by a sudden knee injury just after the start of his career. After years, he has been unable to get rid of the trouble of injury during the chaotic and disorderly loan journey, and the road to stars has become narrower and narrower. , And eventually became the frustrated person in the "98 Three Masters".

正如Erdegao和Age寻求快速发展一样,像他们一样著名的侯永勇已经跌入了低谷。 14岁那年,他被挪威足球协会授予“天才青年奖”。在16岁时,他成为球队历史上最年轻的联赛球员,并在16岁时成为球队历史上最年轻的联赛球员。在他的学徒时期交出的成绩单并不逊于Erdgau。遗憾的是,侯永勇的职业生涯刚开始就因突然的膝盖受伤而中断。多年之后,在混乱无序的借贷旅程中,他一直无法摆脱受伤的麻烦,而通往星星的道路变得越来越狭窄。 ,最终成为“ 98三大师”中受挫的人。

After joining Beijing Guoan, Hou Yongyong showed good tactical awareness and excellent passing and control ability. His ability to take the ball forward and create threats in the middle is also a much-needed element for Guoan. However, due to Guoan's current midfield rotation structure has been relatively stable, Hou Yongyong's playing time is very limited. In the 2019 season, Hou Yongyong played on behalf of Beijing Guoan 19 times, including 16 league appearances, scoring 1 goal in 258 minutes. After landing in the Chinese Super League, Hou Yongyong has been working hard to strengthen his physical fitness. This has helped him win the trust of Genesio and also let people see the hope of the U23 player in the future.


There is no shortage of ethnic Chinese in the talent pool of the Fjords, and Hou Yongyong's successful naturalization has important guiding significance. Exxon, Luo Guofu, and Fernando occupy the top of the naturalized talent pyramid, while Zheng Boyan, Tao Hongliang and Wang Dingyi from Norway have become the cornerstones of this huge talent pool and have played a very important role in the national football's naturalization policy. Good support effect.


In the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, Norway scored 9 goals in two rounds against the German team. They were criticized by public opinion. Coach Ragbeck was forced to lead the players to apologize to fans on social media. In the previous European preliminaries, Norway showed a good upward momentum. They were very tenacious when visiting Spain. The two-round draw with Sweden was full of gold. With the expansion of the European Cup and the World Cup, many distinctive "small teams" have gained good exposure. Teams such as Iceland have promoted the development of their national football through their participation in the World Series. Norway also needs such opportunities. .

在2018年世界杯预选赛中,挪威在两轮对阵德国队的比赛中攻入9球。他们受到舆论的批评。拉欧宝app格贝克教练被迫带领球员在社交媒体上向粉丝们道歉。在之前的欧洲初赛中,挪威表现出良好的上升势头。他们在访问西班牙时非常顽强。与瑞典的两轮抽签充满了金子。随着欧洲杯和世界杯的扩大,许多有特色的“小团队”得到了很好的曝光。冰岛队通过参加世界大赛促进了国家足球的发展。挪威也需要这样的机会。 。

Whether it is Sweden in the "Glino" era, or Denmark led by the Laudrup brothers, or Sweden in the era of Larsson and Ibrahimovic, the success of the Nordic team is due to the superstars driving the team. This season's supernova Harland may have the potential to hit the Golden Globes, but to avoid the embarrassment of the "small country and big star", Norway needs more talents to shoulder the task of revitalization. Erdgau and Age showed the strength to play for the giants, Borg was also quietly accumulating energy, and a strong central axis had surfaced.


"The Devil Satan created Scandinavia with huge rocks. This is a magical land, an elusive land." Hendrick-Van Loon


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